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FAQ: My restoration specialist wants me to sign an Assignment of Claim Form. What is this and how does it help me?

If severe hail and wind have damaged your roof, siding or gutters, having storm damage approved by your insurance company is just the first step in a complicated process. The paperwork, forms and insurance jargon can be confusing. At 123 Exteriors, we have a whole team dedicated to helping you with this process --- and the Assignment of Claim Form (AOC) grants us permission to do this!

Did You Know: Time Could Be Running Out to File Your Storm Damage Claim?

Did you know that most insurance companies only give their customers a year to file a storm damage claim? If your home is damaged, the chance of filing a claim, getting a settlement, and repairing the damage before the insurance deadline is decreasing every day!

123 Exteriors Top 6 FAQ’s From Homeowners

If  your home has been damaged in a storm, filing an insurance claim can be a complicated process. At 123 Exteriors, we have a team dedicated to helping homeowners understand the process and terms and navigate the complicated paperwork. Our new online Homeowner's Resource Center was developed to assist homeowners who are navigating the insurance restoration claim process.

In honor of the launch the Homeowner’s Research Center, we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from homeowners.

A Storm Has Hit...Now What?

By Fred Grove, COO | 123 Exteriors

During my time in the storm restoration industry, it seems like I have seen it all. One of the things that I see again and again that really bothers me is the local media. In an effort to help and “protect” the citizenry that have been affected by severe hail or wind events, the media, be it the local newspaper or television station runs an article or news report that is largely inaccurate, misleading and sometimes irresponsible.

What is a non-recoverable insurance policy?

As a homeowner, you might assume that storm damage to your home is covered by your homeowners insurance policy. However, many homeowners are not aware that they have a non-recoverable insurance policy on their home. This means your insurance company will only pay an actual cash value payment (damages less the deprecation and minus your deductible). What this means to you is that you are out-of-pocket MORE than just your deductible when you file a claim. You will be responsible for your deductible AND the depreciation for full replacement.